Brief Campaign Overview

The Gist of It All

PC Perspective:
The West Coast is generally called “UAC West”. UAC has lost it’s meaning. Some say it refers to some sort of “United American Countries”, other say it doesn’t mean anything and is a misspelled word for something from the time of the Ancients. Nobody but the Restorationists or maybe the Archivers cares anyway; survival is more important.

The coastline is rugged, with much of the coastline around Or’gon , northern Cali, and Wa’Shin Tin having an almost sheer drop offs into the depths. Once you get down into Cali Proper things even out quite a bit. However, it is also at about this time that ruined cities of the Ancients start to get really big, and really dangerous. They are a great trove of knowledge and artifacts, but most who venture into them never return. They are vast. Really, really vast.

The new town of Neugene is a burgeoning city, with a large population, electricity to a lot of the homes, businesses and street, and even a police force. It has many satellite villages and hamlets that it protects. In turn, these “Protectorates” (as they are called) are given protection when needed from various threats of the gamma world (mutants, death-gangs, crazed metal automatons, etc). In turn, Neureka gets various textiles, foodstuff and some raw materials. Indeed, Neugene is a small beacon of hope in a vast landscape of desperation. It is something worth protecting.

Player Perspective
The West Coast is indeed called UAC West by the vast majority of ‘civilized’ creatures in the whole of the west side of the old U.S. of A (from the shoreline to the eastern sides of Idaho, Utah and Arizona). Most of these old states (nobody calls them that, mainly because nobody knows what a “State” really is) are bleak areas of lawlessness, radiation and danger. The settlements found there defend what they have, and are more than willing to take what they need from anyone who happens by. Not all places are like this, but strange “local laws” are the norm here, frequently at a ridiculously disproportionate give/take regarding strangers.

The actual coastline, where the land drops off into the ocean, is extremely rugged. There are virtually no “fishing villages” or anyone living within a few kilometers of it. This is mostly due to the sheer inhospitability of the terrain (the seas are much more violent now, with waves reaching average heights of 10 to 15 feet even as far north as Vancouver). Additionally, the creatures of the gamma ocean are absolutely terrifyingly huge. Ships that ply the waters for fish, crab, lobster and other sea critters are brave, foolhardy, or just plain insane. That said, the price one can command for a fresh catch of cod or shrimp are rather impressive. Many smaller (less than 100’) size become targets for the various nasty things that live in the deep.

The town/city of Neugene sits just west of the old (actual) city of Eugene, Oregon. Neugene is exactly as it says on the lable; a relatively safe, “modern” and burgeoning settlement. The Town Council consists of 5 men/women who are voted into office by their district (the town itself is divided into these 5 districts). Once you take office, you live in what is referred to as “Central”. Central is the centre of the town. Your immediate family is moved here and you live in assigned housing (nice housing, mind you). You are provided essential living materials, and you do not get paid while in office. You may not leave Central without a full contingant of guards, randomly selected at the time of departure, and are not allowed to leave the sight of at least two of the guards at all times (yes, even when you have to go pee). If/when you leave office, you are given a nice little sum and may claim an abandoned house/building or build one anywhere you want. You are never again allowed to be a council member; indeed, you are actually forbidden from entering Central ever again. This arrangement has cut down on corruption so much that nefarious groups that would seek to destabilize the Council don’t even bother trying now.

Back to UAC. Most folks figure it stands for United American Cities, or United American Counties. However, some Archivists insist it is the name of a conglomeration of ‘corporations’ of the Ancients. That conglomeration was so huge, so vast, that, for all intents and purposes, it was a powerful government unto itself. If this is true, which quite a few artifacts and books/documents seem to indicate, it stood for “Union Aerospace Corporation”. (Note: I still haven’t decided on this. The UAC is the main ‘corporation’ from DOOM. I have a pretty neat idea purkalatin’ in the old noodle for how this all ties in to everything… ).

Brief Campaign Overview

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