Plant symbiote in the body of an ox?


Thorp is a plant. He was a form of seaweed that grew up down in Monterrey. He now finds himself Without a host. Leaving him only movement measured in feet per day and little ability to manipulate objects.


The ocean is a vast and wondrous place. Through the ages the oceans of the world had been battered and beaten by the forces of nature. Through all the ages of the earth, mass extinctions, ice ages, and even the great human scourge it survived. It reached the edge of destruction at the time of the great scouring.

When the flashes rained down upon the land many hit the seas as well. An already stresses marine ecosystem snapped. Great patches of dead water swept around the world for decades. But the ocean is the originator of life, and though it was broken, it did not die, and when it rose again it was stronger, and stranger than it ever had been before. Unlike the land the waters are dynamic and changing, and the gyres of death are few and far between now. But in their wake they have left the life that survives stronger, faster, more intelligent, and sometimes in possession of strange mental or physical powers.

And so it was that Thorps people became became a harmonious and intelligent species of seaweed. Though they had no capacity to move they enjoyed a fine life in the shallow sunlit waters of Monterrey. Thorp lived happily there for some time. That is, until the snail.

A snail ate Thorp one day. It was particularly unpleasant, but as his slid down the slimy digestive tract of the snail he found the ability to move his tendrils and dig into the sides of the slimy passage. He dug deeper and as his tendrils contacted the nerve tissue of the snail he could feel his own mind and abilities expanding. He became angry at the creature, he decided he knew what anger was and didn’t particularly like it. He took hold of the mind of the snail and moved it out into the open. It did not move fast.

In the many days he traveled he noticed many new things. His mind expanded and his powers grew. He became adept at manipulating the mind and body of the snail. His anger even subsided and he had other emotions. Then he was eaten by a fish. And the process began again. Then the fish got washed ashore in a storm and died.

So Thorp went back to growing in the tidal pool he found himself in. That was until an insect came along and started eating one of his brain nodules. It must have been a particularly hungry bug, because before long THorp found himself flying along in a bugs body. When he smelt something particularly stanky he flew down for a snack. While snacking on some kind of corps thing floating in a swamp a large toad ate him.

Being a toad was OK, with practice he could manipulate the vocal cords to resemble normal speech. He hopped around a while until he found travelers willing to help him find a larger civilized area. Eventually he settled in Nugene, the weather was nice and damp and he had little trouble finding a hole to live in. For the first couple months nobody took him seriously.

He finally found work as a greeter in a local bar, where he studied the inhabitants and their bizarre minds. After a few months he was getting ready to move on to some other line of work when he was hired for a caravan. The pay was good and the opportunity to travel sounded excellent so he jumped at the prospect.


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