Octopus with the clothes of a man.


Ronn lived in an aquarium in Kouver. He was fine living in his large tank he shared with an otter lady. They worked well together even if she was covered with fur and kind of lumpy in places. One day a group of human looking people came by and scavenged through the aquarium. They met some of the more dangerous denizens but eventually those that lived left. The otter lady was so intrigued by them she left with them.

Ronn spent some more time at the aquarium, but within a couple years his big brain got bored. He thought he would go out and explore as his friend had. He found the clothing from one of the deceased humanoids and slipped into it, then headed off. He followed the cost until he encountered a boat. they were a group of fishermen who go out to see in the calm times. they were taking their catch to a city called Nugene, so he went with them.


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