Mutant who loves his mutant powers


Galvator appears to be a Pure Strain Human. He often pretends he is one due to the attitude of some people towards Mutants. This is somewhat hypocritical considering he was brought up among Radiationists who discriminate against those without mutations.

Though he believes in the Radioactivist philosophy he is different in that he is thankful to the ancients (and their descendants the pure strain humans) for bringing about this world. He is fascinated by the world of the Ancients and is always looking for more about that time and its people.


When Galvator was born his parents were very worried. He appeared to be a throwback, a pure strain human. He had no visible defects and no unusual mutations. His parents would tell lies to others in the community to protect him, like his eyes glowed green at night, or spines came out of his fingers when he was upset. The Radioactivists normally took young children to the gamma crater and left them overnight to insure their mutant legacy, but Galvators parents didn’t. They told everyone that they had, but they loved their unmutated child and knew what happened to pure humans when exposed to that much radiation.

Years went by and still he appeared to be normal, his parents started using pigments and makeup on him to make him appear mutated in coloring, but always he was shunned for being to human. One day at age 12 he was confronted by local bullies, and when he screamed at them to stop they were blown back and rendered unconscious. Half the village witnessed the altercation and Galvator was scared and tired of constantly being picked on. He defied his parents rules and ran away, he did what they always demanded he not do, he went to the crater. He thought he would die there as his parents had always told him, so he curled up waited for death to take him.

The crater was far away and it wasn’t the first place his parents looked. After two days they feared the worst and went with the village elders to the sacred sight. When they saw the boys body laying in the crater his mother screamed and had to be held back by the town council before she entered the sacred place. Galvator woke with a start, he was cold and his clothes were blackened by the exposure to radiation. But he didn’t stand up, he was already floating above the ground. He rose into the air and looked down at the people before him. There was never again any doubt that he was a pure human.

Though he was after that day much respected in the community he never forgot the old animosity. When he came of age at 16 he left his community to explore the world and face new challenges, to become stronger and show everyone what he truly was.

He spent time in a restorationist colony called Restore. After a few months the settlement started to be attacked more often by badders and carrin birds. They got word of an impending attack and headed into an area of dangerous ancient sites to look for weapons to defend Restore. Searching for a week they returned having found many strange and useful artifacts and having seen many unusual things.

The plant man sent with them died in the quest. The attack came but was much less severe than expected, and after the cyborg attack on Restore, Galvator left and headed west past the area of ancient interest. His flying car was blown out of the sky some days later by a rogue robot with missiles. Escaping the robot cost him all of his equipment and most of his life, but he managed to survive.

He wandered for a couple more years before he came to Nugene. He has been pretending to be a Pure Strain Human since he arrived. He has learned a lot here and has an affinity for PSHs since his time he thought he was one. He has even started a relationship with a young human woman, though he hasn’t told her his secret.

He acts as a scout in the city, sometimes taking messages to other villages around the city. His long time out in the wilds has taught him much, usually it is to stay away from dangerous situations. He loves to use his powers when he is outside the range of others but He knows how some people view mutants and is careful to make sure nobody sees him do it.


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