U.A.C. West

Thorps Journal Day 569

So long to frogdom

Oh Crap! Being a frog was kinda cool. But frogs aren’t really tough and it seems like people really want to attack frogs. It got squished and spiked and was really dead, we found a glass vase though and a little buzzy blob that Phil says is mostly useless.

After one of the caravan wagons broke down and we volunteered to stay with it for a couple weeks while some kinda part was obtained and returned with. It actually seems like and interesting place on this wide open roadway. We saw some strangely dressed humanoids. I think they may have been ancients. We found an old makeshift dwelling with the previously mentioned glass vase and an egg with holes that buzzes. Then we got attacked by some stinky badgermen. They are the ones that killed my froggy host.



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