U.A.C West

The West Coast is in ruin. The skies, once bright and blue, are now bleak and grey. The cities, once vibrant and alive, now serve as nothing more than dead reminders of what was lost. The waters of the seas, once refreshing and playful, are now murky with the rotting bones of the great coastal cites. Losangles, SanFran, Portlun and Sattle are now home to savage bands of mutant cannibals, or undersea abodes of strange and terrifying races.

This coast is not all hopelessness. The large town of Neugene has electricity and running water. It has a town government, and a town police force. It is a place for those willing to work hard for the betterment of man, and other, kind…and it is also a target for the roving gangs of psychotic’s that only want to see things burn and die.

In this land, those brave enough to seek out the wisdom of the Ancients can better themselves and their community. And, perhaps, discover why the skies are dark, and why (and where) the Ancients may have gone…

U.A.C. West

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